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Bead Journal Project: bracelet for June

Here is my Bead Journal Project piece for June.  The green of spring is starting to shade into the deeper blue-greens of early summer...exactly what happens in New England over the course of the month of June. 

I started with some faux leather fabric that I made from felt for the background.  You probably can't see it really clearly in this shot, but up close it looks and feels just like thin leather, dyed of course!  I used a Nevada turquoise cab, heavy on the green tones, that's been sitting around here forever, just waiting for a project.  Surrounding it are clusters of beaded stacks built around amazonite rondelles.  This bracelet is one of the featured step-by-step projects in Chapter Two of my e-book: Altered Surfaces.   


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Its beautiful! I don't usually like green too much, but I really like this piece. I especially like that its not bead encrusted and you can see the background fabric.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Carol! That was important to me, to have lots of the material showing since I took the time to make it. I wanted to show off the faux leather as much as the beadwork ;-)
Penny said…
Your beading and stitching is perfect! How do you do that??? *smile*. This is lovely.
Robbie said…
I enjoyed your 'leather/felt' info in your ebook I purchased. Love this piece and all of your work!!!
Cyndi L said…
Penny, lol, thank you!! I'm obsessed ;-)

Robbie, thanks so much...I hope you will have a chance to try it out!
Robin said…
This green is luscious,Cindi!!! I like everything about it and am glad you showed the closeup picture and your fabulous edge stitch!

Robin A.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Robin :-) I usually use regular beading thread and cover it with picots, but it was fun to mix it up and use embroidery floss this time.
Beautiful! I'm really impressed with the look of the faux leather. And your stitch work is impeccable as always.

How many hours does a project like this take you?
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Eileen! It's hard to say how long, because making the fabric is one whole project and stitching up the bracelet is another. I guess if you just mean the bracelet, probably 5 to 10 hours. I know that's a pretty big range, but I just didn't pay much attention this time!
Just wonderful Cyndi...It turned out beautifully!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you June :-)
Jeannie said…
I LOVE THE GREEN. This is Moxie Fab.