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Book review: Making Beautiful Bead and Wire Jewelry

Making Beautiful Bead and Wire Jewelry 

Linda Jones believes in "bling on a budget", and I certainly applaud that attitude which comes shining through her new book, Making Beautiful Bead and Wire Jewelry: 30 step-by-step projects from materials old and new.  Wire is everywhere these days, and so are inexpensive items that you can pair with it to create gorgeous baubles for yourself or others. 

There are some very clever ideas in this book for making jewelry to match specific outfits.  This is something that no one really wants to spend a lot on, since the fashions come and go so quickly.  Linda shows you how to get real style without breaking your budget.  The author of three other wire books, Linda has arranged the projects in this one by the type of jewelry you'll be creating: bracelets, rings, etc.  One of my favorite things about this book is that she shows you how to make some unique chain links that you'll be able to use in lots of different designs of your own.

This book is another lovely new publication from Cico Books

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