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Fiber artist: Jorie Johnson

Jorie Johnson of Joi Rae Textiles makes hand-crafted felt accessories for the body which shows the unique use of the wool fiber and its' sculptural capabilities. Jorie studied Textile Design at Rhode Island School of Design, RI, USA, and then entered design school in Finland where she first was shown how to make a pair of traditional Scandinavian felt boots. Now, living in Kyoto, Japan her studio produces wearable wool objects and clothing, as well as interesting items for interiors, exclusively from a wool base (either natural color, naturally dyed or acid dye.)

Feltmaking is a historical nomadic textile technique which has come full circle and has added new elements to contemporary textile art and design in the 21st century.

1. Three-In-One Choker and two bracelets which allows you several color and shape combinations OR wear them all together for a longer neck piece.

2. Rainbow-dyed wool felted into a bracelet and closed with silver clay beads.

3. Tie-dyed wool bracelet which surprisingly changes into a brightly colored and uniquely shaped wrist piece.

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