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Bead Journal Project: bracelet for September

Every September, our apple trees are ready to harvest!  We only have three trees, a Johnathan, a Gala, and a Golden Delicious.  This year, the spring and summer weather caused the trees to be ready to pick about three weeks ahead of the regular schedule, so instead of being in the middle of apple season this past weekend, we are already finished :-(

My Bead Journal Project piece celebrates our apples.  Apple sauce, apple butter, apple dumplings, cake, pies, and tarts.  Yum.  Recipes at the link!


Here are the instructions for how I am making these bracelets.

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Anonymous said…
Perfect for apples and apple trees, I love it!
Robbie said…
Very nice!! The background fabric is perfect for this...certainly represents fall!
Buttons for apples - I love it! This design is really cute.
Genevieve said…
I love this bracelet. The red buttons and leaf beads are perfect! this time of year, I actually CRAVE them. This piece is wonderful...a friend of mine who was red/green color blind couldn't see them in the field. I'm so glad you can@
Cyndi L said…
Thank you all! It was so simple to make, but it's gotten so many smiles from people who've seen it on me :-)
ArtNtheheart said…
It makes me hungry reading your story. What fun you had with this BJP! Deliciously fall.
Bead On!
Marty S said…
Oh! Wouldn't a teacher love to wear this bracelet!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader