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Introducing Fiber month!

Until I put out a call for fiber artists who made jewelry, I wasn't aware of how many different forms of fabric and fibers were being used to make gorgeous things today!  If you find yourself thinking " macrame?  What is she going to subject us to now?", just wait till you see the gorgeous work that artists have submitted! 

I've always got room for more.  If you make fabric or fiber jewelry and would like to share your work here, please email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces) and tell me about it.  Beginners and seasoned artisans like are welcome!  Think beyond macrame: micro-macrame, crochet, knits, woven pieces, felt, embroidered fabrics, all sorts of wonderful things.  Starting tomorrow, I'll be sharing my journey making a felted wool roving necklace (shown above). 

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