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Fiber artist: Laura West Kong

Laura loves fabric and she loves making jewelry too!  Be warned, once you get a look at how cute and easy these covered buttons are to make, you'll be hooked.  Visit Laura at her website (link above) or her blog to see what's going on that's new.  Laura writes:

As a quilt designer, I work with a lot of fabric ... and sometimes beads too! On the surface, large bolts of fabric and tiny seed beads may not appear to have much in common, but two important qualities they share are gorgeous colors and inviting textures. Put some pretty fabric scraps and your jewelry-making supplies together with cover buttons and you have everything you need for fabulous wearable art, no tailoring skills required. Find more fabric cover-button fun in my book, Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Cover-Button Jewelry: Create Gifts and Glamour in an Afternoon, by C&T Publishing.

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I wouldn't have thought that un-coated (epoxy or glaze)fabric pendants could look so nice. These are lovely!
WindyRiver said…
Wonderful work - full of whimsy and color!
laura west kong said…
Eileen: Thanks! You just have to start out with good fabric, that's all. Usually I use quilting cottons because I'm a quilter, but I've made a few with silk and that is simply gorgeous.

WindyRiver: Thanks! :)
Mama Pea said…
I wouldn't have thought of combining covered buttons with beads. Don't know why not. I always think of beads and buttons together. These are really pretty!