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Fiber artist: Leonor Pisano

Leonor Pisano makes lovely soft beads that are then combined with hard edged settings and wire for a truly unique look.  Leonor writes:

Life is always evolving- To often we restrict ourselves to traditional use of materials. What I tried to do is to take soft wool, felt it, embellish it and unite it with an unlikely partner, metal to create a unique piece of Art you can wear. I like the 3 dimensional quality that roving wool allows me to incorporate into my work, the texture contrast between the two materials adds appeal to the pieces as well.

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Unknown said…
you have the full profile artist Leonor Pisano..? please.. i need a reference artist for my coconut leaf sheath jewellery research..
Cyndi L said…
I would suggest following the link in the post to Leonor's etsy site and trying to make contact that way. Best wishes.