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Fiber artist: Benjamin John Coleman

A pair of earrings and a pendant made from Makigami 
with origami flowers mounted on them.

Have you ever heard of Makigami?  It means roll-paper in Japanese, and Benjamin John Coleman has developed it into a unique process for turning ordinary newspaper (aka landfill stuff) into amazing works of art, including wearables. Check these out!  Visit Benjamin's site to learn more about his beautiful work, including the Bonsai trees that he makes.

A braided Makigami pendant with cream colored flower 
and bud, along with a pair of green leaves.

A pair of tapered, braided and twisted earrings along with a bangle bracelet
and pendant. The pendant has a computer enhanced (5 petals) Origami flower
mounted on it. The color looks a lot like cheetos!

I cure Makgami in a solar oven; my 1993 pickup parked in the sun! It took
about two hours for this set to cure.

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jamberry_song said…
I've never heard of this before... it's amazing! I went to the site you linked and his work is just incredible. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Cyndi L said…
Wonderful form of recycling, isn't it?