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Random business thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts about jewelry and bead businesses that I've been collecting for awhile. They don't seem to fit anywhere else, so it made (some sort of sense) to just lump them all together!

We've been talking about business names this month and one thing is clear: Think long and hard before you commit to a name, a logo, or any kind of branding materials for your business.  Here's why :-) I know that someone has recently corrected this over-simplified chart, and you can visit the new link if you'd like, but the point is still worth considering. Consistency is important.

Aileen Wong has written a very thoughtful article on how to give the type of customer service that you'd like to receive. It was posted on Rena Klingenberg's Home Jewelry Business Success Tips, and is worth committing to memory! Another take on customer service, especially as it relates to the handmade business, was written by Stephanie Fizer. Definitely check it out too: How to be a customer service superstar.

There are a couple of recent books covering starting a jewelry business and different sales strategies that have gotten good reviews and seem like they're worth a look:

How to start a home-based jewelry making business by Maire Loughran

Sell your jewelry by Stacie Vander Pol

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