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A bead embroidered bracelet with cabochons

If making a full-sized bead embroidery necklace seems too daunting, maybe you could think about making a bracelet instead.  If you start with a plain metal cuff, you'll find that it works up much more quickly.  Follow most of the directions, including the instructions for the different stitches that you'll find in the free chapter of Every Bead Has a Story

1. Trace the outline of the cuff onto a backing fabric like ultrasuede, but don't cut it out yet. Glue down your cabochons and begin your bead embroidery. 

2. Prepare the metal cuff.  You'll see in the photo above that I used to wrap the cuff in fabric and stitch it in place across the top, which will later be covered by the beadwork.  I don't do it this way anymore.  I find it is more versatile to simply glue a large piece of fabric to the back of the cuff and then cut the edges even with the edges of the beadwork.  You can do it either way that appeals to you...try both!

3. When your bead embroidery is finished, cut out your piece carefully, leaving a very small strip of fabric around the edge.  Glue the beadwork to the top of the cuff and add an edging stitch (either edging brick stitch or edging back stitch) around the piece to finish it off. 


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Mariana Cristu said…
Very usefull your post. Thanks!
And a bracelet is very beautiful.