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Jewelry business tips: love and last

It's worthwhile to check out the archives of your favorite beading sources every so often!

Two older posts on Beading Daily caught my eye. The first was written by Marlene Blessing.  Marlene got to see a LOT of jewelry, both for Beadwork and for Stringing magazines, so when she has something to say about making jewelry that people will love, it's a good idea to listen.

At first, Marlene's post sounds like a lesson in design composition: balance and color are key to catching the eye. But then she dives into a couple of topics that will get you noticed by the magazines that you might want to submit to: originality, simplicity, and photography! Whether or not you want to see your work in a magazine, these tips are worth reading through.

The second post that made me think was written by Jean Campbell.  Jean discussed how to make your beadwork last. It's not good enough for people to fall in love with your necklace: your necklace must not let them down! I've not yet been convinced to use Future floor polish on my pieces, but maybe someday... :-)

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