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The "Mostly Metal Challenge" reveal day!

I told you awhile ago about my friend Michelle Mach's "Mostly Metal Challenge."  Well, today is the much-anticipated reveal day, at least much anticipated for all of us who are doing the challenge, because Michelle, the sneaky pants, didn't even tell us who else was playing!  So the whole reveal is a huge surprise for all of us.

Here's what I got in my filigree kit:

I am proud to say that I was able to use almost everything, although not all in their original forms.  Two things that I've had to set aside for different projects are the strand of blue nuggets and the floral bead cap at the top of the metal pieces.  How did I change them?  I dowsed them in an ammonia and salt patina bath to get rid of the shine!  I'll write up instructions soon for how to do that without burning out your sinuses ;-)

Anyway, I decided to use the pieces to make a fabric cuff in a style that is a bit different from my usual.  I've got some photos on Mixed Media Artist that show how my version goes together, but your best bet is to get the July/August 2011 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and read Teresa Stanton's brilliant article called "Wearable Art Cuff."

Here is a list of all the participants in the Mostly Metal Challenge...I plan to visit them all!  People without a blog will have something posted on Michelle's blog that day.

Antique Brass Romantic
Filigree Fun
Gunmetal Love
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Pam Chesbro said…
Oh, how fun! I bet it is comfy to wear too. Great idea and a fun piece.
JeannieK said…
WOW Cyndi, I love jewelry that looks like art work. I love the choice of fabric you used.
Lola said…
Cyndi ~ I love this cuff! I really like how seamlessly the metal becomes a part of the beautiful fabric. Beautiful!
Dearest Cyndi: I have to say, you made my favorite piece. How do you DO the things you do! I shouldn't have said that out loud, because everyone did a fab job, but you are flat out amazing!
Beautiful you. Hope all is well. xox jean
Michelle Mach said…
Beautiful! I love how your darkened the metal pieces. I'm going to stay tuned for that tutorial because I have a few more of those flowers in my stash! I like that you included fabric in your design, too. I'm starting to get into fabric again. (Oh, no, another obsession!)

Thanks for joining the challenge!
Lutka And Co. said…
Oh I love fabric cuffs! And yours is so pretty!
Anonymous said…
The fabric cuff is such a unique idea. It is so different and yet so beautiful.
Anonymous said…
So unique and pretty!! I would never have thought of using fabric-it's a great choice here.
Andrew Thornton said…
What fun! There's a lot of energy and excitement in your piece. It's really cool how you've used almost everything in the piece. Nice!
bwheather said…
I love your use of mixed media for this. Great use of the fabric, too. ;-)
Steph L. said…
Great job, just beautiful.
What fun!

I hopped to some of the other participants and will check the rest tomorrow.

I love yours, Cyndi!

Do you know about using a chopped up hard boiled egg instead of liver of sulfur for aging or giving a patina to metal?

I just read about it and can't wait to give it a try.
Kim said…
wow- what a beautiful cuff! I love your entry ♥