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Jewelry artist: Tiffany Long

Glory Hound Designs

Red Coral
I love Red coral, but to be environmentally conscious I decided to make my own branch from polymer clay. I created the main focal by smoothed out coils of red clay wrapped around a wire armature. Pretty cultured pearls dangle from the limbs and are linked on chains. Also, a veritable cacophony of vintage and new beads hang on multiple chains including: mother of pearl, abalone, hand blown glass, and polymer clay. Pretty shells that are drilled with my trusty dremmel are hung with chain fringe. And the connector is a lovely pearly shell that I drilled to hang a large wire loop inside to connect everything together (to stabilize the loop I stuffed the shell with a mixture of soft paper fiber and glue). I used antique silver, gold, and copper chains in different patterns to further add character. I'm happy with this piece and look forward to test driving it (wear it out).

Art Bead Scene August challenge: Illustration for American Crescent Cycles, 1899 Frederick Winthrop Ramsdell 
I created a cab with transparent polymer clay. Transparent clay was used because I wanted an internal glow to the surface; this compliments oil paints so well. The clay was beveled into an oval shape and sanded so there would be a smooth surface to paint on. It was not buffed, as it needs some tooth. I painted in thin transparent layers or oil thinned with a liquid mixture or resin and turpentine called liquin. The cab is baked for 45 min on the lowest setting of 170 for each layer / in total 5 layers, this speeds the drying time. In between the time the cab was baking I worked on the cane for the lilies. Gold/white and transparent clays where used to make this cane. I cut out the petals and shaped them into two lilies, and a few buds. I wrapped a silver toned metal chocker in copper. Black iridescent freshwater pearls are gradated and wired to the inside. The looping copper wire to attach the pearls make great resting points to hold my hanging beads in place. I'm pleased with this art inspired necklace and feel more comfortable using wire in my projects.

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