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Book review: 1000 Steampunk Creations

I feel funny saying too much about 1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art, because four of my jewelry pieces are included. So here's my up-front disclaimer: I didn't get paid, nor do I receive royalties from the sale of this book.  I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you buy the book through my site here, I think I get a couple of pennies!  There, I feel better :-)

Dreamer's Chatelaine, one of my pieces that is included in this book

Now I can tell you what I think of the book.  It's fantastic!  Browsing through all the fabulous images served to both solidify and to stretch my personal ideas of what constitutes steampunk style.  My husband likes it too, especially the metal assemblage pieces and inventions.  He desperately wants me to design a steampunk cover for his cell phone.  I'm thinking that I might just find the proper inspiration in this book!

There are seven chapters in the book, some of which kind of overlap in content, but I'm not going to complain:
Modified Technology
Fine Art and Sculpture
Fashion and Haberdashery
Home Decor
Hats and Accessories
Inventions and Contraptions

There is only a very short introduction, and then it's on to the main event...the pictures.  As you skim or devour your way through them, you'll be forming your own impressions about just what constitutes the steampunk aesthetic.  The book is published by Quarry Books, so you can be guaranteed that the quality of the binding, color reproduction, and all the details is extremely high.