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Jewelry artist: Danna Cain

Danna Cain
Earthsong Arts

I create jewelry from semi-precious gemstones, pearls, crystals and natural items such as coral, lava & wood. Each piece is inspired by a single pendant or strand of beads that I hand pick because it “speaks” to me. From there I search for other beads from the earth, land and sea to compliment it’s color and texture. No piece is rushed. I wait until all the right components come together to form each one-of-a-kind creation. Visually the results have been described as “stunningly beautiful” by the people who can’t resist purchasing them. When worn, a piece may feel sensually light and flowing or robustly bold and weighty ... each exuding a unique energy from the combination of materials artfully arranged.

I originally created only for my own wear, gifts for friends and items to donate to charity. It didn’t take long for me to acquire more pieces than I could possibly wear or give away. Last year a friend’s gallery offered to display and sell my jewelry. Then I had offers to do the same at special events and functions. I’m working towards being in Artist’s Markets and on Etsy.

Jewelry is the latest of my creative endeavors. I also create unique floral arrangements and gift items from pressed flowers and leaves. My focus however for the past 35 years has been as a landscape designer. All of these endeavors allow me to create with nature which is why I call myself a “natural artist”.

All photos by Danna Cain

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