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Making an easy bezel for a curved surface

I showed you the beaded button that I made for my July Bead Journal Project entry a few weeks ago, and today I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about how I made the bezel.  Most of the watch faces I'm using for the project have bars attached that I can stitch directly down to the fabric backing, but this one didn't.  Instead, I needed to bezel it in a way that would hold it down.  Since the button top is curved, I wasn't crazy about the idea of trying to just glue it in place...I could see it popping off at some inopportune moment!  So here's what I did:

1. Use a nail or small drill to add two small holes to the bottom of a bottle cap or another bezel that will fit the watch face.  Stitch the cap to the fabric that has been cut out to form the covered button.

2. This shot shows you the back side of the button fabric, including the fused interfacing that I add to keep the button fabric from sagging.  

3. Add two-part epoxy resin to glue in the watch face.  Let it dry thoroughly before you start beading around it.  Here's a link to the tutorial which shows you how to turn this little piece of reinforced fabric into a covered button!

Making a covered button
January Button
February Button
March Button
April and May Buttons
June and July Buttons 
August Button
Making an easy bezel for a curved surface
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Anonymous said…
As my 4 year old granddaughter would say "you're a genius"!
Sylvie said…
Wonderful idea! Thanks!
Cherie said…
You make that look so easy!
Mascottblog said…
it seems easy as you say it ! Thanks for the explanations !!!!
I puzzled and puzzled over how you had accomplished that.

You really have a knack for anticipating every potential (product) problem and devising a solution.

I'm sure your customers/collectors really appreciate that.

Thanks for sharing.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, guys! It really *is* easy, and believe me...I'm no rocket scientist. I leave that up to DH :-)