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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Blossoms of the Moonlit Waves - part one

Blossoms of the Moonlit Waves

I finished this piece some time ago, but it took me awhile to organize the photos and write up the outline of the steps.  I apologize for the delay!

In the process of making Blossoms of the Moonlit Waves (my thanks to Paul Bishop for the name!), I worked out three different methods for bezeling a Swarovski rivoli when doing bead embroidery.  That will be the subject of an upcoming e-book that I'm writing, which will soon join Every Bead Has a Story.  I really enjoyed making this piece, and as you can probably guess, it took awhile, so it's a good thing that I enjoyed it ;-)

So, without further ado, here is part one of my tutorial.  It's just an outline of the process...details will be coming shortly!

1. Make a bunch of components and try different layouts for the finished piece.  You'll find a tutorial for the flower petals that surround many of the bezels at the link, except that for this necklace, I worked the petals off of a row of back stitching instead of brick stitching.  It's an easy adjustment: simply bring you needle up between two beads to form each petal. 

2. Make whatever piece is missing!

3. Create a bead soup mixture and gather your accent beads.

4. Use peyote stitch to join the components together.  Use your paper guide to make sure you join the pieces at the correct angle.

Part two will be posted tomorrow!
For a detailed guide to creating bead embroidered components and finishing them off, please download a copy of my free e-book chapter at the link below:

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nancy said...

Just spectacular! thanks for letting us in on your design process.....

Ilenia said...

WOW! Fantastic necklace!
Thank you for sharing your tricks!

Eileen Bergen said...

WOW! Just wow - I'm running out of superlatives to describe your bead work, Cyndi.

The name is inspired and evocative. Good job, Paul!

Cherie Burbach said...

Just stumbled this post. Colors are gorgeous!

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