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Celebrating seed beads

I love to work with seed beads, and for many people, the little darlings are what define "beading". Sure, there's stringing, wire-wrapping, mixed media, and much more...and they are all wonderful. But there's something magical about teeny little seed beads. When you finish a project, the whole is so much more than simply the sum of the parts.

I'm going to share a round-up of information that's in our archives here on Beading Arts below, but I also want all of you who love seed beads to join in too. Whether you string, weave off-loom or on a loom, embroider, glue, or whatever else you can think of doing with seed beads, either wearables or non-wearables, we want to see your work. You don't have to be a just gotta tell us why you love 'em! Please send your artist statement of one to two paragraphs, and up to three images (72dpi res) of your work, along with a link to your site to cyndi @ (remove the spaces). Please put Seed bead artist in the subject line.

The Best Seed Bead Books

The Best Online Instruction

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Cyndi L said…
Thank you! It's an old one, but I still like it :-)