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My favorite styles of glass beads to make

I do not consider myself to be a lampwork artist.  Mostly I like to make beads for a specific project and not to stand alone as tiny little sculptural works of art.  I've got some good friends that I do consider to be lampwork artists, on the other hand, and you can visit them to see some work that is pushing the envelope.

All I want to do here is show you a few of my personal favorite styles of glass beads that I make.  My very favorite glass beads are probably all made by someone else ;-)


"Ancient" etched glass

Dichroic glass beads

"Ancient" glass

Barrels, Spirals, and Twists


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Genevieve said…
Wow! I didn't know you made glass beads. These are lovely!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Genevieve...I'm just a dabbler when it comes to lampwork though!