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Seed bead artist: Susan Sorrell

Susan Sorrell is busy busy busy with both creating and teaching! I happen to be the very proud owner of one of Susan's bead embroidered fabric collages, so maybe I'm just a little bit prejudiced when I say that you need to check out her work and her classes :-)

From the Octopus Garden series

You can contact Susan online and sign up for her classes at these sites:

Susan writes:

I have been truly fascinated by the use of cloth as a collage element. Within the last few years, I have been experimenting with fabric, beading, painting, printmaking, and found objects that can be attached to cloth. My fiber collages have developed from personal experience and interests. I love the way textile art can push the boundaries of traditional quilting and sewing. I like to add color and textures to the fabrics with anything I can find. So, I am always searching for buttons, trim, unusual beads, old jewelry, rubber stamps, paint, and any other items to make my fiber collages unique. I really don’t think people realize the selections of fabrics, threads and embellishments that available today and how much time and energy goes into making one of my fiber pieces.

Dippity Do' in progress

I want to make my artwork memorable, so I spend a lot of time scrutinizing every piece of cloth and design element. When people are passing by my work, I want them to stop and stare. To me, that is the biggest compliment anyone can pay me. I like the way traditional sewing and quilting are evolving into a contemporary art form. Being a painter and fine artist, I find textiles have been a great way of expressing myself.

 From the Kirby and Opal's Garden series

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Beautiful designs. Susan's works are so vibrant, they practically sing! I'm so glad to "meet" her. I'm head to her sites to see more.

Dawn Doucette said…
What a cool mixed media collage! Susan has an eye for color and texture blending both beautifully in that collage! It's something I would never have thought of.

Thanks for sharing!
LissC said…
WOW. These are fantastic!