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The fashion decade in review

For my fashionistas, I found a treat for you! Emma Sibbles has taken up her pen (or more likely, her keyboard) and has scanned the decade from 2000 to 2009 to find the winners and losers for us in the fashion wars.

Her observation that hit me hardest was concerning the ever-quickening pace of the fashion cycle. Thanks largely to the internet - and also to a billion cable channels - we see, fall in love, buy, and wear the latest and greatest so much faster than in the past. And we get bored with it at an equally alarming rate.

While Emma states that it's impossible to completely predict what the new trends for the new decade will be, she does hazard a guess that we may see a return to women buying investment pieces over fads. If that is true, what will it mean for jewelry designers? Should we be going "back to basics" in an attempt to appeal to a more cash-strapped consumer? Or should we be looking to hit the quirky note that will stand out in a sea of basics? Do you have a strategy you want to share?

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I like pieces that be be dressed up or down. It's like getting two looks for the price of one.

I'm thinking detachable necklace strands, for example, with one being basic or classic and the other(s) being funkier, more casual.

The same for bangle bracelets one can mix and match - wear one or two for a more formal look and go out all with 8 to 10 to make a statement.
Cyndi L said…
I really like the idea of detachable strands, Eileen. If you were to have one or two really good quality extender chain and clasp sets, you could potentially hook different strands to them in whatever combination you wanted.