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Goodbye to b5Media

Dear Readers,

You won't find me at Jewelry & Beading anymore, and pretty soon you probably won't find the content either.  But not to worry!

I'm going to try to be a little bit classier about this than the new b5Media ceo was this morning when she terminated the contracts of all the b5Media bloggers that were still hanging on.  It's sad.  I joined in writing for b5 back in 2006, first as their mixed media arts blogger at Layers Upon Layers.  Layers disappeared last year, all the content getting sucked into the great void that became Blisstree.  That's when I resurrected Mixed Media Artist, my old arts blog.

In the meantime, I was offered the contract in 2007 to take over writing the Jewelry & Beading blog.  When everything started to go south with the network (in my opinion) last year, I also resurrected Beading Arts, which I had neglected during those ensuing years.  So, it's with a measurably lightened heart that I tell you the content from Jewelry & Beading will slowly make its way over here, because I already knew that things were not going well in the network.

From a business standpoint, maybe it makes sense to terminate 150 writers, but I just don't quite see it.  I enjoyed the first three years of writing for b5Media.  This last one, not so much.  I wish all my co-bloggers well and hope you'll all find a good place to land.

Best ~


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Tammy said…
You were smart to have other blogs in the works. It is really sickening what happened to that network. I, at least, believe in Karma.
Cyndi L said…
Oh, you betcha! ;-)
I got the same email you got this morning and I think I had been writing for b5 as long as you.

I miss how it used to be and won't mourn this change. I have my personal site and a site I'm about to launch.

We're better for the least that's what I keep telling myself. ;)
Cyndi L said…
I'm sort of sorry to say that I'm glad it's over...the anticipation was killing me ;-)
Shai Coggins said…
Oh, Cyndi! I wish I can all give you hug right now. I'm so sorry it came to this. But, Tammy's right. You were so smart to get some things going for yourself. Hope you find better and more wonderful things! Do take care.
Cyndi L said…
Darling girl, thanks for the note of encouragement! I'll bounce, I promise :-)
Linette said…
Cyndi, You're so right, it's good to have it over and done. The last few weeks have been nerve racking. Even before that actually, I could just feel something was going on for a while now. I'm adding your blogs to my reader now that I've found them.
Cyndi L said…
Linette! There you are!! I need to talk to you...
Cyndi, you too?!!!

I'm so sorry but know how talented and savvy you are. Yup, you'll bounce just fine.

I know that feeling of being glad it's over. One door closes; another opens.
Cyndi L said…
Of course :-) They are "centralizing the business in New York and Toronto and the termination of your contract is needed to support this change to our corporate structure and business operations."

See? They're moving to NY, so they can't keep us, because...

Hmmmm...why *would* that make a difference? I really hate being lied to.
With you on this one. Long time health blogger there. In one way, I learned a lot, but there are better ways to run businesses and there are better ways to let people go.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind me posting where people may find me and other blisstree bloggers now: and
Cyndi L said…
Marijke, of course I don't mind passing on the word :-)
Paul said…
Given how many newspaper and magazine writers do not live/work anywhere near their respective "centralized offices", this is a crock.

Good on you for being a multi-blogger :)
Cyndi L said…
My guess is that they want that "NYC feel". They're going for a whole new demographic for the new launches.