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Bead Journal Project: bracelet for March

The coastline in New England is rough and somber-hued in late winter and early spring. In fact, spring doesn't even come until very late.  I grew up in central Pennsylvania, a region where winters are just as harsh as here in New England, but spring comes much much earlier.  Certainly by the end of March at the latest.

But we didn't have the ocean bordering us in Pennsylvania.  New Jersey kind of got in the way, and we only visited the shore during the summer, the tourist time of year.  I love the ocean in winter, but I never knew that until we moved to New England :-)

This is my Bead Journal Project piece for March, celebrating the ocean at an unusual time of year.  I decorated it with barnacles (which I'll teach you how to make in a few weeks), shell chips, and pearls.   


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The fabric you beaded on looks pretty cool. It certainly adds to the winter shoreline feel of the piece.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Carol! Even though it's really pretty fabric, it's able to convey that bleak feeling :-)
Bobbi Ann said…
Hi, this bracelet is very beautiful!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Bobbi! It kind of reminds me of the debris that washes up on shore, but I love that sort of stuff :-)
Marty S said…
The dark colors made me think of what's left at the end of winter. The sparkles give first notice of spring coming. Lovely!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader
Tracey Leeder said…
This is a beautiful piece of art! I love the fabric as well as all the interesting items you have attached. I think you captured the look you were trying to capture in a beautiful and subtle way!
Anonymous said…
You live in one of my favorite places, New England, although I've never been there in the winter. I love the ocean anytime of the year. I'm in PA's way here in South Jersey ;) but I'm not living on the coast, so I don't see the ocean everyday. Being only an hour away, however, makes a visit do-able whenever the mood strikes. Your piece shows the somber yet active mood I'd imagine for a winter ocean in New England, and I love barnacles done in beads. I've used them in my pieces too. I've also used shell chips. Very well done!
Cyndi L said…
LOL! Thanks guys!

Barbara, you know I'm just kidding about NJ being in the way, right? My Mom's from NJ, so I've always been very fond of it...but we like to tease her ;-)
Very nice bracelet, pretty style!!!
Penny said…
What a beautiful representation of the coast -- perfect for this time of the year. Do you plan to do more later on to reflect the different seasons?
Cyndi L said…
Thank you both! Penny, I'm sure that at least one of my summer month bracelets will have a seashore theme. Maybe not the coast, but something to do with water for sure :-)
A last hurrah for winter! Beautiful and very original piece. I'm looking forward to barnacle teaching...will you be posting online directions, or is this a class you are teaching locally?
Cyndi L said…
Oh, it'll be posted right here, Margaret! I've got to get a couple good shots of samples made with large beads to show the details.