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Spring color report from Margie Deeb

Margie Deeb's newest Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Designers is available for spring/summer 2010. As a special bonus this time, everyone who buys the report gets a free PDF bugle bead project by Jamie Cloud Eakin, author of Bugle Bead Bonanza.

You know that we've been talking about how hot turquoise is this year, both as a stone and also just as a color. Well, it shouldn't surprise you that turquoise figures prominently in Margie's report, including making the cover :-) Some other fabulous colors that are featured this year are coral, violet, and some soft grayed pastels.

Personally, I'm pretty pleased with the hot colors for this season that's coming up...not that I ever limit myself to them, but it's still important to know what they are. Margie's profiles are always useful in helping you find ways to use these new colors in great palettes.

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