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An update from Margie Deeb

Margie Deeb is a busy busy lady, busy writing, teaching, and of course beading!  But recently Margie took time out to tell me about a great honor that she has received: her book The Beader's Color Palette has been chosen by Library-Journal as the BEST Craft How-to Book of 2009!!

About this new accomplishment, Margie writes:

The Library-Journal is very prestigious, and recommends books in EVERY subject, fiction and non, for the whole country. So I am thrilled. It huge! And a great honor! And I am glad to see the subject of color being chosen as a top book, and the subject of beads. The Beader’s Color Palette was chosen above thousands of other books in every craft you can imagine. I am proud and beaming.

Congratulations, Margie!!

I'd like to invite you to read Margie's original artist profile that she did for Beading Arts

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Wow - congratulations, Margie! That is quite an impressive accolade. It's impressive enough just to get a full color craft book published.