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Fabric flower necklace - part two

I drew a design for the necklace front and transfered it to fusible shirt-weight interfacing.

The flowers are still loose. I stacked them on top of the design to check for placement. Take a digital picture of your design and then you'll be able to recreate it later.



Dark brown jersey material and a lace overlay are both cut into a rough shape large enough to fit the interfacing pattern.

Machine stitch a straight stitch just to the inside of the design line. Cut the pattern out on the line and zigzag stitch all around the outer edge, going just over the edge to hold all layers together.

I enjoyed looking through my collection of rhinestone bits and bobs to choose a centerpiece for each flower.

Still not stitched together, but I want to give it one last look before committing. Take another digital picture at this point so you won't forget what goes where.

Part three soon! 

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