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Jewelry artist: "Joe" Polthakorn Viboonviriyawong

Polthakorn Viboonviriyawong, called Joe by friends and family, grew up in the jewelry business. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Joe watched his mother start and build a successful diamond business. His earliest creative memories are of his mother, Vilaiwan, asking him to use his burgeoning design skills to help design new settings for her jewelry. When design became his passion, Vilaiwan sent him to the US, to study and turn his passion into a career. In honor of her support, Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry was born.

While studying at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, jewelry became his passion. His vision is of jewelry that is not just a mere accessory. Vilaiwan is jewelry as art: art that makes a statement: a statement of personality, a statement of energy. Inspired by many vintage styles, Vilaiwan designs have made the flower the centerpiece of its design and its signature.

Every piece of Vilaiwan jewelry is designed by Joe and handmade. Using his extensive relationships in the jewelry business abroad, he has secured the best materials. These are pieces that you will not find anywhere in the world partly because many of the material are limited and therefore unavailable to other producers. This also means that most of the Vilaiwan collection cannot be mass-produced.

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