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Spring cleaning: more jewelry business tips

Following up from our look at creative spring cleaning recently, I thought we could look at a few more excellent posts that will greatly contribute to your customers' enjoyment!

Alyson Stanfield shared an excellent post recently on how to stand out from the an artist and as a person:
7 ways to distinguish yourself as an artist

Whip Up featured a post of tips for better craft blogging. Many jewelry artists are trying to increase their "brand recognition" through regular blogging, and here's what Kath Red has to say about that:
3 tips on how to build an audience for your craft blog

Finally, think about the experience that you are offering to your potential customers. Is your website all that it could be. Well, honestly, they never are all that they could be...they are works in progress. But still, spring is a good time to fine tune a few details, and Christine Gierer has lots of good suggestions:
What makes a good jewelry website?

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