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Legal details for your jewelry business

Spring seems to be a season when lots of people gather strength and energy, and launch into something new. If that's you, and if you've decided that the new thing this year is to make your jewelry-making hobby into a business, here are some excellent links with legal details for you. PLEASE, do not expect any of these links to take the place of checking with your own Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Administration, SCORE, or your lawyer.

At Modish Biz Tips, there's a wonderful rundown on many of the steps you'll need to take to make your new business legal.

Home Jewelry Business Success Tips also has an article on the legal and financial steps you'll need to take.

Turn to Entrepreneur Magazine for things to do before you start.

And finally, take an e-course from Tammy Powley, which will walk you through the process. It's free!

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