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Tips for tough times

Following up on our emphasis on getting your business in order, I've decided to share a couple of excellent recent posts with you that will help you to make smart decisions during tough economic times!

If you do the craft show circuit, this is the time you're frantically making your plans, cleaning off your tent, and preparing your inventory. Beading Daily has an article on How to Sell at Craft Shows During Tough Times. Just what the (bead) doctor ordered!

Modish has an extremely relevant post for tough times: What To Do When Sales Slow Down. Don't sit and cry about it...use your time wisely!

Selling in a Slow Economy on the SoftFlex site helps you to keep your cool and not panic.

Back to craft shows, Beth Wicker has written a guide to figuring out what it's really going to cost you in The Cost of Showing.

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Very useful information. Thank you, Cyndi.
Dawn Doucette said…
Great Articles - all of them. As someone thinking about doing craft shows to broaden my local exposure, I appreciated all the tips!

Thanks for posting!