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Super-simple little lampwork bead earrings

After I piled up a whole bunch of little lampwork spacer beads last month, a group of my girlfriends and I decided to get together for a sleepover.  Yeah, I know...but really, we're NOT too old to be doing that.  I asked them if they wanted to do a really simple little project and the answer was unanimous.

Great!  Now, what to do, what to do?

Earrings.  Always popular, super easy.  I packed pairs of spacer beads in lots of different colors (more than shown here...the favorites have already been grabbed!), head pins, 2 mm rounds, flat metal beads, ear wires, and the tools, and we all had at it!



So easy.  Just slide a 2 mm round, a flat metal bead, a lampwork bead, another flat metal bead, and another round on a head pin.  I demonstrated wrapped loops and how to open the ear wires without distorting the loops.  That was about it.  Everyone got a new pair of earrings in no time! 

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What a fun idea for a girls get together!
Cyndi L said…
It was! We also ate and drank too much, and did silly games ;-)