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Seed bead artist: Shaaron Chambers

This is really cool!  Shaaron Chambers comes up with projects to do with seed beads that will take you beyond jewelry making.  If you follow the links, Shaaron has been gracious to share her tutorials with us!

Shaaron writes:
Why I love Seed Beads

I consider seed beads to be the most versatile of all beads. I work with all types of beads in my jewelry designs and craft projects but the seed bead can be used in many more areas of both jewelry and crafting.

What is really nice about seed beads is that they come in eleven different sizes and the color palette is almost endless. I often use two different sizes of the same color to do a project.

The little Christmas tree was a lot of fun to make and branch by branch see it come together. The use of a Bead Spinner helped a great deal in the stringing process. This will be a family heirloom for sure.

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They're all beautiful, but the seed bead Christmas tress is amazing! Shaaron must have tons of patience!!