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Make a difference with your art!

Last month when I posted about the Zulugrass Jewelry that was helping to support Maasai women and their families, I received many wonderful messages from folks who knew of other organizations that were worthy of support as well.  In some cases, they are companies that have been set up to raise money through sales.  In others, they sponsor events and shows.  Some are asking for donations of time or beads.  Some need monetary donations.  All have been vouched for by a reader here.

Please note, I have not personally investigated each and every one of these organizations, but I believe that they were sent to me in good faith.  Please look into any organization before you donate you time, talents, or treasure...good companies don't mind! 

If you'd like to add more, just leave me a comment :-)

The Leakey Collection - The one I wrote about that sells Zulugrass

Baylie for Brains - Making and selling bracelets to raise money for research into rare brain abnormalities

Sow Hope - Cindy, a reader, sent me this one.  The mission is to help impoverished women create sustainable businesses.

Sozo Art - Sent to me by Jen.   Art and outreach: love God, love people, make a difference.

Cling - Started by Nick Shultz, in honor of his mother Heidi. To fund basic needs for children in developing countries.  Fashion shows are used to raise money.

Beads of Courage - Run by glass beadmaker Lori Greenberg.  Providing arts-in-medicine programs for children with serious illness.

Bead for Life - Sent in by Dianne.  Eradicating poverty one bead at a time.

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Lori G said…
Thanks for the listing of Beads of Courage Cyndi!! It's so exciting to see how art is making a difference in people's lives and that artists are getting an opportunity to use their gifts!