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Get ready for selling!

The spring and summer are great times to try some new selling strategies, whether it's selling through a new (to you) venue, taking part in some outdoor fairs, or just boning up on sales techniques. Here are some wonderful links to get you on your way to a profitable summer.

Luann Udell has written a fantastic series of posts on how to get people OUT of your booth at the fair...the people who need to be given the boot, that is!

The Jewelry Show Guide has listings of many of the up-coming events, many of which have classes on business or could be a great venue for you to become a vendor.

Have you ever thought of trying to sell your jewelry tutorials? Janice Abarbanel decided to give it a shot on Etsy and found that it was pretty successful.

Julie, of On the Dot Creations, has put together a downloadable free book called The Secrets of Saavy Etsy Sellers.

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Good resources. Thank you, Cyndi.