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Finding an art agent or gallery

Not all beadwork artists are interested in showing their work through art galleries, but it is a viable alternative for some. I was reading a post by Alyson Stanfield awhile back on how to know when it's time to move on to new venues, and it got me to thinking that approaching a "real" gallery might be a lot more intimidating than approaching my local coffeehouse.

Well, actually, approaching anyone is terrifying for me. True confessions time: I hate making "sales calls" so much that I usually get physically sick. The internet has been a blessing in more ways than one for me. It's so much easier for me to think up witty things to say when I'm typing and can mull it over for awhile.

Confession time is over. There are many of you who have work that is high quality and could do very well in an art gallery, fine craft gallery, or with an art dealer of some sort. If you are interested in pursuing these options, here are some articles for you to explore. I can't give you a lot of personal experience with this even though I've had my stuff in quite a few stores, boutiques, and even galleries. I've even worked with a couple of agents, but I haven't gone out hunting in years, nor do I want to, so the game has probably changed. -
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