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Resin paper

I'm sure you already know that there are many ways to use epoxy resin or polyester resin in your jewelry. Besides being an amazing adherent, especially when you are trying to "glue" two different materials together, resin also makes great cabochons, creates a hard shiny finish, pours right into jewelry molds, and stiffens paper and makes it translucent.

I was experimenting with this last property recently, and I thought I'd share a few tips with you to help you in your own experiments. I mostly use epoxy resin rather than polyester, so whenever I refer to resin, that's what I was using. Your results may vary from mine if you try polyester resin instead.

1. When you are applying resin to paper, use a non-stick mat under it and work with small areas of paper at a time. I spread resin all over a large sheet of paper towel, and it was difficult to achieve a thin even application.

2. Speaking of thin and even...there's nothing wrong with applying the resin thickly to the paper, but if you do it will be harder to cut and very difficult to sew through when it dries.

3. I love the texture of paper towels, and thought I'd use some that I'd previously used to blot up acrylic paint (recycling, right?). The problem was that when it dried, the towel looked like cheap plastic, as you can see in my picture above. Well, duh...resin is a form of plastic, after all, so why should I be surprised?  Disappointed, but not surprised.

4. You can sew pretty close to the edges of a cut resin shape, but remember the warning in #2 above.  I didn't have any trouble with the paper splitting, which I'd actually expected to happen. My thought is that next time, I'll probably use paper that has an abstract image or text on it instead of paper towel. I don't think I'll end up using these shapes for anything, even though I had originally planned to. I just don't like the plastic look.

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This is so timely!

I bought a bunch of supplies for resin casting ... hmmm ... xx months ago.

I'm just about up to "resin crafts" on my to-do list and your tips and cautions are invaluable.

Thank you, Cyndi.