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Question of the month: What does your work say about you?

Without seeing or knowing you, how do you think other people perceive you solely from your work?  Do you think it's an accurate reflection?  Or do you tend to make pieces that speak more to an alter-ego or to someone else's personality? 

Since I don't like repeating designs very much, someone would probably have to conclude that I'm scattered or easily bored.  On the other hand, when they examine the detail and workmanship on one of my big bead embroidered necklaces, I would hope that they see my patience and self-control.  Unfortunately, both may be an illusion!  Just because I have patience for beadwork doesn't mean it translates into the rest of my life!

Inquiring minds want to know about you too!  You can either leave a comment here, or better yet, email me your answer along with an image of your work that illustrates the point you want to make!  cyndi @ (remove the spaces)

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Paul Bishop said…
At a regular fair, I don't think my work tells anyone anything specific, other than that I like symmetry. At those events I have all of my stuff, from wire-wrapping to costume jewelry on the table, plus cheap plastic items for children and boxes of craft supplies I want to get rid of (from my early days before I discovered wire and gemstones).

At more focused fairs, such as medieval faires, only my wire-work and gemstones are present. Those speak of creativity and precision. There's more of a focus on elegance or beauty there. I'm not a funky designer. My designs are not "fun" in the sense of eye-popping colour.

Whatever is there, it is understated, humble perhaps. I'm not an extrovert by any means, and I think that shows. I'm quietly proud of my work.
Cyndi L said…
"quietly proud"...I like that a lot. We seem to be entering an era where sloppiness (especially in finishing) is equated with being a creative free spirit. As much as I can appreciate the carefree look, I don't like being pricked by wires or scratched by sharp edges. Yay for precision and a careful eye :-)
That's an interesting and thought-provoking question. I guess I'm my own worst critic.

If I think about how others perceive my work - based on their purchases - they think I create things they could never do and they consider me a multi-talented person.

Does that sound proud or arrogant? I hope not. 'Cause like Paul, I'm pretty quiet and shy about my work.
Cyndi L said…
Proud or arrogant? No, probably "quietly proud" like Paul said. I mean, occasionally I will buy a piece by another artist that is something I could do myself, but most of the time my purchases are of items I don't make and or can't see myself being able to make. You do so many things so well, it's not surprising that people have that reaction to you and your work.
elisabeth said…
Hmmmm...I would say my work is a little brighter, a little louder, a little more colorful than I tend to be day to day, but it's how I want to be after next summer when I get to make a major job change. This job change I hope will give me more time with the ones I love the most and doing more beading!
Cyndi L said…
I hope you can make your dream into a reality, Elisabeth!