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Jewelry artist: Peggy Sturman

Artist: Peggy Sturman
M Sturman

I use freshwater pearls -- crocheted, handwoven or knotted & tied, of all sizes and colors-- tails the less perfect, the more unusual the shape or markings on pearls, the better I like it. Take for instance my necklace of top-drilled, circled (the markings around the pearls), and tailed pearls here. To me, this is interesting, dynamic jewelry.

Many women throughout the years are famous for wearing perfect, knotted and tied strands of pearls. I however do something different with my knotted and tied freshwater pearls, as in my 96″ rope of natural (undyed), graduated size, pearls here. These can be wrapped around the neck several times or looped in many ways — to me much more interesting than a plain strand, however perfect or expensive.

I particularly love natural (undyed), lustrous freshwater pearls that come formed into interesting shapes, such as Chicken Feet .

As Betty Sue King, my supplier of these most unusual pearls, has said "there are no 'blood' pearls".

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I love the organic look. I'm not s string of perfect pearls girl either. These are beautiful.
Shai Williams said…
These are gorgeous! Pearls are my favorite gemstones and I also like it when they have flaws. That's what makes them unique