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Jewelry artist: Alicia Van Fleteren

Artist: Alicia Van Fleteren
Website: AliciaVF

Every last one of the vibrant, imaginative pieces is handcrafted by Alicia Van Fleteren in her SF Bay Area studio, using top quality, unusual materials including black diamonds, turquoise, turquoise, natural coral, Peruvian Opals, freshwater pearls and many other precious and semi-precious gemstones. Alicia Van Fleteren pieces are priced so any budget can afford well-made, high-quality jewelry.

Alicia Van Fleteren - Up-and-coming San Francisco Bay Area Financial advisor turned jewelry artist, designs vibrant, imaginative pieces that reflect her singular focus on designs that are sophisticated but accessible, elegant but with a touch of playfulness, and that organically complement everything from jeans, work wear, and the dressiest of styles.

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Unknown said…
Love Alicia Van Fleteren's jewelry! Am the proud owner of two gorgeous necklaces that make me feel beautiful. Am hankering for one of stunning pieces made with raw garnets. Elegant, yet fun; high-quality craftsmanship and real stones, yet affordable.