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Jewelry artist: Jewels

Artist: Jewels
Website: Jewels

The daughter of an Air Force pilot, Jewels spent her formative years growing up in Tripoli.  She traveled extensively with her family from Tunis to Tangiers and recalls endless wanderings through exotic market souks with her mother.  Struck by the beauty of the coral, amber, silver and gold - all the wealth of North African families - she says, “I was hooked”.   After her education in Europe Jewels spent many years traveling, living in India, South America and again in North Africa enlarging the scope of her knowledge and always collecting.

Jewels’ cultured eye and her nostalgic passion for the dreamy North African cities have given her designs the allure of exoticism and sophistication. She accomplishes a balance and beauty without being contrived and the resulting pieces are hip and elegantly understated wearable works of art.

The appeal of Jewels is, not surprisingly, broad.  She has long time devoted clients ranging from East Coast elite and intellectuals, to fine art collectors, young entrepreneurs, Hollywood familiars and individuals who share her passion for the beautiful, the rare and the extraordinary.  Her work is shown in boutiques and gallery locations throughout the US and Marrakech where she currently resides when not in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Unknown said…
The artistry here is fabulous, and the pieces are elegant

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