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Jewelry artists: Heather and Kerry Alice Collins

Artists: Heather and Kerry Alice
Website: Twigs and Heather

Twigs and Heather is twin sister silversmiths Heather Goodwin and Kerry Alice Collins. We opened our studio in 2000 and have been creating one of a kind sterling silver jewelry designs ever since. Using the lost wax casting method and a few tricks of our own, our pieces are cast from organic objects and hand carved waxes.

Being the casters of the jewelry we design is a really important part of our work, especially the twigs. The process begins by picking just the right twig. Every organic casting we do is unpredictable and exciting. We are constantly experimenting with new objects, striving to achieve the highest amount of detail possible. We do all of our molding, fabricating, finishing and lost wax and organic castings in our Nahant, MA studio. We also try to be as "green" as possible. All our silver is recycled, we use natural light when possible, all our packaging materials are made from recycled paper, and we are always striving to find cleaner ways to work.

Our jewelry is part forest finds, part rock star, and part silly romantic. Heather's organic collections reminds us of our personal connections with nature. Each piece sparks memories that are sentimental and sweet. Kerry's work focuses on love, heartache, rock 'n roll, and rebellion. Her designs are moody, romantic and have a sense of humor. As different as these collections may appear, they always complement each other and hold many of the same truths.

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Shai Williams said…
What a fabulous find! I love their jewelry.