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Jewelry artist: Ling-Yen Jones

Artist: Ling-Yen Jones
Ling-Yen Designs

I define jewelry as creations which are useful, artistic, symbolic, identifying and an expression of personal ideas. In my earring line some of the motifs I use are leaves, birds, and windows. When these elements and others are integrated into a piece they can represent new beginnings, changes, hope and further growth in one’s self. The materials that I enjoy using most are sterling silver, copper, gold, pearls, and semiprecious stones. My intention for each one-of-a-kind piece is that it is clean looking, distinctive, and artistically rendered.

The Unmentionables line is a hollow form constructed piece with different faces, all expressions of surprise, serenity, wonder, and ecstasy. My inspiration came from the Japanese artistic period called, Ukiyo-E or images of the floating world, were representations of the everyday life of Japan in the 16th through the 19th centuries. This theme brings together my own interest in the expressive power of faces, while exploring the serenity and grace of the everyday in my own time.

In July I will be exhibiting my work at the Dolphin Gallery Shop in Gualala. I will be sharing the exhibition entitled "Up in the Air" with fellow Artist Madeline Kibbe, handpainted silks and kits. The exhibition runs from July 2-August 4, 2010 and the Dolphin Gallery shop is open daily 10am -5pm.

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