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Jewelry artist: Beatrix Bell

Artist: Beatrix Bell
Beatrix Bell

Beatrix Bell's earliest memory of making and selling handcrafted art was at the age of six, selling pot holders on side of the road (while the other kids were selling lemonade). Since then, she has moved on from handmade potholders and discovered an obsession, passion and love for jewelry design.

Her designs are composed of precious metals, gemstones, pearls, and other unique beads. She combines a variety of hot and cold connection techniques to achieve different jewelry compositions. Most every piece has a feature that has been soldered, filed, polished and hammered. After these pieces are crafted, a cold connection embellishment is added. This could include textured metals, wire woven bezels, wire cocoons, whimsical charms, or beaded dangles. These techniques create delicate yet sturdy wearable pieces of art.

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