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Fiber and bead artists: Love Heals

Love Heals is an ethically-sourced, luxury jewelry collection that embodies a commitment to spirit, nature, and service. For every piece of jewelry sold, 10 trees are planted with - to date, over 404,000 trees have been planted with Love Heals.

Love Heals is a mother, son, and daughter team that create their handcrafted jewelry alongside a team of loving hands in Ojai, California, where they strive to live a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly. Love Heals jewelry is sold in hundreds of high-end luxury retail locations. Founders Adriana and Gunnar have been designing jewelry for over twelve years together, and draw from travels around the world to inspire and be inspired. Love Heals is handcrafted by American workers and uses ethically sourced materials from around the globe. Love Heals sources the highest quality materials by carefully reviewing the labor, manufacturing and environmental practices of its suppliers and vendors. This includes buying gems and pearls from companies with fair labor practices, using sustainable leather with non-toxic dyes, using recycled metals in many designs, working with metal plating that uses eco-friendly practices, and avoiding widespread use of controversial materials such as coral or ivory. Love Heals reviews their suppliers on a regular basis to make sure they continue to maintain and improve their practices. This is a constantly evolving goal that has allowed them to donate to dozens of nonprofits and expand their commitment to sharing beauty with the world while continuing to give back.

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Those cuffs are gorgeous. Thanks for the link to such a worthy cause.