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Bead embroidery artist: Marcy Antle

 Southwest Princess

[Editor's note - I don't see any reason why Marcy shouldn't get her ahead to see what it is ;-)]

Marcy Antle
Queen Marcy Originals

I admired the work of Sherry Serafini for years and she was in Atlanta teaching classes at a local bead store a few years ago. I have now taken three classes with her and another one next week is scheduled. Bead embroidery is addicting, once I started I could not stop! I love hand-work anyway and this combines my love of beading and sewing. To me, it is calming. I am not a "patient" person normally, but somehow I am so patient with this work-intensive, time-consuming craft - I think because it turns out so gorgeous. I never "plan" a pattern, just wing-it so never know what may come out. That is exciting to me too. I love to wear one of my pieces and have someone admire it, then I tell them I made it and they always say "YOU MADE THAT?" which is so amusing to me! As you know, the bead embroidery technique is not difficult, it is basically a backstitch with peyote around bezels and edging. But people are amazed when they see how MANY beads are sewn into a piece.

I have sent professional photographs to Lark Books which has a call for bead embroidery artists to be in a new "500" book next fall. That would sure be a thrill to be in print!

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Andrea said…
Marcy, Your work is spectacular. I have dabbled in bead embroidery. I do find its exceptional calming and the results are sure to impress. My only problem has been since its takes 30 hours (atleast for me) to complete a piece, how do you ever re-coup your time in a business sense. Check out the following web site to see my work... just a few bead embrodiery pieces. My friend Christine Scott is hosting the web site so go to and scroll down the left hand side until you see Heaven Lane Creations. I hope you are featured in the book. Your work is as good or better than anything I have seen. Best, Andrea PS my bog address has changed to
Robbie said…
BEAUTIFUL work!!! I keep going back looking at your pieces, marcy..they are just wonderful!
Zdenka said…
Oooooooh to je nádhera!!!