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Are you still looking for any of your favorite b5media bloggers?

My friend Cherie has put together a list of many of the bloggers you may have known from Blisstree and Splendicity who all vanished last week.  Many of us are currently working together to see if we can come up with a landing place where you'll be able to find most or all of us, but in the meantime, you can find Cherie's list here at Working Writers.  Thanks, Cherie!

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Yes, thanks, Cherie!

It's very disconcerting when I've been following a blog and it suddenly vanishes without so much as a "fare thee well".

I will do my best to pass on the word about these MIA bloggers ;-)
Cherie said…
Thanks for mentioning this! I appreciate it.

I worked with the best bloggers around at b5, and I want to make sure our readers can find all of us.
Paul said…
I was not impressed when the daily updates from Jewelry & Beading stopped and were immediately replaced by a BlissTree email of other blogs I have no interest in. There was no announced transition, no request, no commentary saying that anything had happened, just proof that "We're going to co-opt your email for ourselves."