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Seed bead artist: Annika deGroot

What do you get when you mix seed beads with cords and fibers? If you're Annika deGroot, you get gorgeous work and a book too! Annika is the author of Micro-Macramé: 30 Beaded Designs for Jewelry Using Crystals and Cords and the creator of lovely bead and fiber jewelry.

You can reach Annika online through the following sites:

Annika writes:

My inspiration for creating micro-macramé jewelry comes from children's books, second-hand stores, textiles, overheard conversations and imaginative what-ifs. My jewelry designs are meditations in color and texture. I often fall into an altered state as I work my way through a knotted piece.

Some of my micro-macramé pieces reflect the intricate meanderings that encompass my everyday life. Other pieces, like my openwork micro-macramé bracelets and chokers, are simply floaty little snippets of shimmery stained glass made to frame a wrist or neck. But I have to admit, making knotted jewelry isn't my only passion - I've had a long love affair with textile manipulation and other art forms, from marbling to mediaeval illumination to watercolor to glassblowing.

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Jean Bowler said…
Lovely designs!

What I love about seed beads is that, taken individually they are very unprepossessing, but when combined artistically to reflect off each other (as Annika combines them), they are eye-popping.
WindyRiver said…
Wonderful work- a really nice, unique combination of techniques.