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Jewelry artist: Miss Mae

Miss Mae Couture Collection is composed of a unique, bohemian, chic style created of raw and precious materials to enhance and add elegance to your life while providing functionality and comfort. All pieces are handmade.

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Paul Bishop said…
The website you link is one page saying "Collection viewable by appointment only" and gives a phone number (Santa Monica, California). There are no other links, no view of any designs.

The parent domain is a website with broken links galore.

The two pictures in your post show lovely things, but with a website like that, there's no visual proof of any chic boutique or whatever other descriptors were used.

When I do an internet search, this blog post comes up and never the website.

I find it odd.
Cyndi L said…
Yes, it is odd for people like us who rely on internet sales to a greater extent! My only guess is that's not what this company is all about.
Cyndi L said…
Maybe everyone in Beverly Hills already knows them ;-)