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Beautiful Czech glass beads giveaway!

What a treat we have lined up for us!  My friend Ekaterina, who runs The Best Beads in the Czech Republic, has offered us a giveaway, plus...well an extra giveaway.  In fact, everybody who enters is going to win! 

First of all, 3 lucky people are going to win a selection of the beads shown above that Ekaterina sent to me.  Not quite all of them, because I'm going to using some to make a project to share with you in the future.  But I will be giving away most of them, for sure!

And're not going to believe this...EVERYONE who signs up to enter will receive a gift card from Ekaterina to use in her store!  How generous is that??


So here's what you need to do...please read this carefully, because only people who follow these instructions will be eligible to win.  And I want you all to win!  Visit The Best Beads and come back here to tell us what style of Czech beads you love the best.  Then sign your comment with your email address.  We will not be following links to find it; you must leave it here in your comment.  You are welcome to spell it out if you'd prefer, for example, cyndi at mazeltovjewelry dot com.  If you tweet or post on Facebook or other social spots about the contest, you can leave a second comment and be entered twice!  Deadline: March 6, 2013

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Cynthia said…
Picking a favorite bead is like picking a favorite child - impossible. But in the spirit of this giveaway, I'll force myself! I've changed my mind several times, browsing the website!
I love "30pcs Dark Red with Marble Stone Coating Squares Picasso Table Cut Beads 10mm" - so gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!
My email address is cynthia riggs 58 (remove all the spaces!)
Definitely the 'Table Cut Beads" but I love the rectangles 'cause she has them in so many colours... I'm gonna say "Blue With White Waves", just 'cause I HAVE to pick, but they're all gorgeous!
monurquhart at hotmail dot com
Beth M said…
Hard to pick a just one. The closest I can get is any of the table cut beads. Especially the ones with marble stone coating.

My e-mail is:
bmastin2004 at yahoo dot com
ACBeads said…
It's difficult to choose just one style from the shop, but I think the Copper Donuts Fire Polished Beads are amazing - I've never had seen anything like them.
acbeads AT gmail DOT com
Bobbie said…
The pressed beads are my favorites, hands down. The daggers, the twists, the drops - oh my!! Email is
ACBeads said…
I've shared this great giveaway on my Facebook.

My favourite style is the Copper Donut Fire Polished Bead.

Thank you!

acbeads AT gmail DOT com
Mona said…
I like the Table Cut Beads especially the oval shape. I love beads with two different colors in just one bead. It's lovely :)
Mona said…
I tweeted

I shared on FB

becca said…
It's impossible to pick just one! But I will attempt. =) My favorites are the pressed flowers, and I am particularly fond of the 7mm scarlet ones, and the 16mm delicate violet ones. I have a hard time finding the bigger ones, and was delighted to find several colors of the 16mm ones!
KayzKreationz said…
I had a hard time deciding between the triangular leaves and the twisted ovals. But there were so many more great beads, too. I'd probably change my mind every time I looked at their site.

KayzKreationz said…
Just tweeted about your post and giveaway.

jackie said…
How can anyone pick just one? I guess if I have to I'll pick the Copper Fire Polished Beads. They're fantastic.
jackie said…
I forgot to leave my email. It is koudryjatyahoodotcom.
Paula Lee M. said…
I love the Czech glass buttons do they count as beads? If not I love the daggers too, I have been making a lot of pieces with a student and using daggers. Although it's hard to decide because I use a lot of firepolish as well.
mouski7 @ yahoo com
Anonymous said…
I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it! I have been staring at her site for almost an hour, and I can't pick my fav. They are all BEAUTIFUL! I love the rounds, donuts, squares, table cut, picasso, flowers, leaves. Help! Pretty please count me in on this amazing giveaway! Thanks!

Angi Mullis
Anonymous said…
I am currently on a copper kick so I would say the copper douut fire polished or a peacock pressed copper bead.

Thanks for the giveaway offer!
Paula Lee M. said…
I just posted it on my Facebook page for all my beady friends!
mouski7 @ yahoo com
Cheryl K Roe said…
I really liked the milky white bicones. Bicones work better with my Lampwork beads to stabilize the large holes used to make the beads.
Great resource, I will revisit.

Carole said…
I like the flower beads the best, although I agree with others that it is really hard to choose.

diamondix said…
All Czech beads are beautifully therefore I cannot pick just one. I would be happy using any of them. I have used them entirely in a project and also have used them intermittantly with polymer clay beads I have made. Dixie Ann
Whenpigsfly said…
Hard to choose just one - but I do love the peacock dagger beads. And I do love the firepolished faceted rounds with an ab finish. briscoesharon AT gmail DOT com
I have always loved fire polish beads, but I think I love the table cut beads just as much especially the picaso finish ones
I shared the give away on facebook
Andrea said…
I like the faceted rounds and short daggers the best. I design with Czech beads all the time. Thanks for offering this give away. My name is Andrea Trank email address is My blog is www.
Didi-beadwork said…
i love using fire polish crystals the best but also the czech shapes are great. i use so many when making beaded christmas deocaration. I have my favourite colours (amethyst/olive green/gold) but my favourite finish is mixing some AB with matte finish for an interesting christmas decoration.
I also love the new picasso beads and have a few that i picked up recently at a craft fair. they were expensive for me so precious to use.
diane at
Carolyn said…
Thank Ekaterina for the giveaway. There are just too many beads to choose from.

I like the matt lilac oval lampwork beads.

Julesha said…
I love the dagger beads. They look great as earrings. I have so many in my stash because everytime I see one in a new colour or finish I have to go and buy a few.

Julia at asmallcog dot co dot uk
Susan S said…
I live the pressed glass leaves - especially the green and gold! would love to win! susansassoon at gmail dot com
DVArtist said…
This is a fabulous giveaway.
My favorites from the shop are any of the Czech seed beads. I was raised on them in my tribe and use mostly Czech seed beads. I also like the Picasso balls and the 2 way faceted Picasso fire polish beads. A beader can never have enough Czech beads.
My email is Beadwright (AT) Hotmail DoTCoM

Thanks for the change to win a prize.
DVArtist said…
I just blogged about your giveaway and then sent it off to another set of readers.
Beadwright (AT) HoT MaIL DotCoM
thanks again
My favorite is the white and green with Marble-Stone Coating Rectangles Picasso Table Cut Beads. They are gorgeous! Thanks, Debbie.

So many pretty beads hard to pick. But I love the flower beads. I enjoy making. Cha cha bracelets and these flower beads would be a beautiful dangle.

Excited to be entered . Thank you for the chance to win.

Shared on my facebook Tweeted @kidalski , also. shared on google + . Thank you for the additional entrys
Lorelle said…
I love czech buttons they are all so unique particularly the vintage ones. And the new shapes in beads are divine, I'd love to win. Rosabelledesigns at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
Well, it's really hard to choose, since I love Czech beads in general. But I'm on a fire polish kick at the moment, and when I saw these donuts, they really grabbed me!
Thanks to you and Ekaterina for such a wonderful giveaway!
Unknown said…
Posted on FB

smoore 81at sc dot rr dot com
Regina said…
It was hard picking just one favorite, but i finally decided on the 'delicate violet flowers pressed beads16 mm'. Love the variety in the glass beads and the colors, oh my!
My email is: sundancegems at hotmail dot com

Keeping my fingers crossed.
Unknown said…
Czech beads are my absolute favorite! My current favorite style is anything with picasso finish. I love these

My email is jenrenblog at gmail DOT com
Hard to pick. I love the Picasso rounds and the rocallis seed beads. They are all amazing.
Sonya beadgirl03( at) comcast(dot) net
Becky Pancake said…
Oh how I love Czech pressed glass. I was sure that was the category I was going to pick something from but after looking more my choice is the Rose Shadow Picasso Fire Polished Beads 6mm. I also like them in the deep blue. Thanx Cyndi and Ekaterina for this excellent giveaway.
Becky Pancake said…
Hi Cyndi I tweeted about your great giveaway.
Carolyn said…

I also posted to my blog about the giveaway. Thanks for having it.

I like the matt lilac twisted oval lampwork beads.

Oops, I just realized I forgot to come back and let you know I blogged this Feb. 28:

email is: monurquhart at hotmail dot com

KvH said…
I love the Colour Mix with Oil Spots Short Daggers Peacock Pressed Beads. Will be fun to make some flowers with this daggers.
KvH (at) creativeideen (dot) de
It's really hard to decide. I love size 6 and 8 Crystal cut Czech beads when I'm making earrings. I also love anything copper and I love the Fire Polished beads. Too many decisions.
My favorites are fire polished donuts and oval table cut Czech glass beads. I especially love the Picasso finish faceted fire polished donuts.

Thank you so much for the chance to win!

libellulajewelry (at) yahoo (dot) com
Anonymous said…
I love the table cut beads, esp. the blue and white "wave" looking ones!
heregoes said…
Picasso Balls....anything picasso !

redhouse41 at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
I love this site as well as all the other sites I have found for beading. For me this contest opportunity presents a wonderful possibility, as a new to this field artist, to have some beads to add to my collection and further my beading "library". As others have said, I cannot choose just one style, for that matter even a few styles of beads, I love them all. My email address is thank you for this opportunity.
kmorgan said…
I finally found the correct spot to enter the giveaway! Hoorah!

Picking a favorite Czech bead is sooo hard. I like them all, especially the firepolished & lampwork. You have so many great beads!

Thanks for opportunity to enter! I have bookmarked your shop.
Becky Pancake said…
Hi Cyndi I just blogged about your wonderful Czech bead giveaway.
Anonymous said…
My favs were:

Czech Glass Beads / Fire Polished Beads / Faceted Rounds most of the colors were beautiful...

I enjoyed MOST of the colors BUT especially "30pcs Gold Faceted Rounds Fire Polished Beads 8mm" if there were 4or6 mm then there would be no guessing I WOULD LOVE THEM. 'crafty21061'

my email at home is not currently working so, unhappily, I'm using my work email 'cause I don't want to miss out on this contest...~!
Cyndi L said…
Entered for:
christa murphy
E-mail adress:
Your feedback: I love the twins and the new spikes. my email address is
Cyndi L said…
Entered for:
Name: Tammy J
E-mail adress:
Your feedback: I love them all! My favorites are the seed beads,perfect,conform into everything I make with ease.And the variety of colors....Fantastic!
Cyndi L said…
Entered for:
Name: Monica Jolly

Name: Monica
Comment: Hello my name is Monica and I am entering the contest for the Czech beads that you are offering. I love Czech bead, all styles. I am new to beading and I have a love of vintage jewelry styles. Czech beads open the door for me when it comes to vintage styles. I can create my own "vintage" with any variety of Czech beads as the style and and construction of these beads fulfill all my needs in creating beautiful styles, no matter if they are vintage or not. As I said, I am new into the beading world, winning this contest would help me in every way as I will be able to create with beautiful Czech beads, be able to share my creations on the internet and advertise for Czech beads and The Best Beads web page. Thank you for considering my application. Thank you for offering a contest that could help all beaders who enter. My email address is
Cyndi L said…
Entered for:
Name: Karla Morgan
Comment: I found you on Monique's blogspot, A Half-Baked Notion. I'm not sure if this is where I'm to leave the comment to enter the giveaway. I do love all kinds of Czech beads, especially the lampwork, fire polished, and table cut.
You can contact me at
Cyndi L said…
Entered for:
Name: Sharienne Weidner
E-mail adress:
Your feedback Buttons! Also table - cut beads show fascinating glass inside
Fabulous giveaway! I pretty much love all beads, but since I am being pinned down here (giggle) I would say the twisted ovals are one of my favorites. In browsing, even though you didn't ask, I like the moonstone and love the crystal with AB, Brown and Pearl coatings shown on the faceted rounds.
Very very hard to pick just one so I narrowed it down to three!

The rectangle table cut beads, the Picasso balls, and the props! But you cannot make me pick a favorite color!

Marge rockcreekcreations at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
Thank you for offering this giveaway! I like the wavy leaves. Such pretty colors in your store.
Sarajo Wentling said…
I agree with everyone who said it's so hard to pick just one favorite! It's a tie between the table cut rectangles (especially the cream with amethyst since I haven't seen that color before) and the table cut squares. So fun!

sjdesignsjewelry AT gmail DOT com
Manola Maria said…
My favorites are the "Violet with Gold Swirled Balls Picasso Fire Polished Beads 8mm". Picking them was not the easiest thing to do. Sooo many beautiful beads!

mariman1876 at gmail dot com
Manola Maria said…
I also shared on fb.

mariman1876 at gmail dot com
Joann Loos said…
My fav are twisted ovals. I don't think I've seen these in the US. email
Amy said…
So many beautiful beads!! My favorite have to be the Clear with White Flowers Handmade Flat Circle Lampwork Beads 20mm. They are so simple and elegant!

Amy at AmyLeighsJewelry dot com
KayzKreationz said…
Just tweeted again about the last day to enter.
Unknown said…
Hi my name is Sara Miller. The Czech beads that I love are first the rocialles, short daggers, fire polished rounds, and the pressed flowers. But, really I love them all it is really hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.
My email address is,
Unknown said…
Hi its Sara miller again. I shared the giveaway on FaceBook, twitter, google+. Oh and I'm not sure if I posted 2 comments before. I thought the first one didn't go through so I post a second comment and when I did that it didn't pop up so I realize the comments are being monitored, so there not going to pop up right away. If I did that can you just discard the first comment. Here are the links