Friday, July 09, 2010

Margie Deeb's evil plan to convert the whole world to beadweavers

Margie's first dastardly step in this plan is to have created absolutely gorgeous patterns that are available for peyote, brick, loom, or square stitch.

Then...dah dah DAHHHHHHH! She has decided to make them FREE! Oh, the sheer evilness of it all! Two free patterns every month until all of them are all free and have taken over the world! Whatever will we do?

I guess we better get busy beading!

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Margie Deeb said...


You are the first to catch on to my plan. Beadweaving will rule the world in my lifetime!!!!


Unknown said...


Cyndi, you are a hoot! You always make me smile. :)

Cyndi L said...

Ahhhh ha ha, Sara! That is part of *my* evil plan ;-)

Paul Bishop said...

Margie, I'll make you an evil overlord deal. You convert half of the world to beadweavers. I'll convert the other half to wire-wrapping.

People like me who are clumsy with seedbeads can't be left free range.

Cyndi L said...

Now wait just a minute!! I want some of the known universe left for bead embroidery!!!

Paul Bishop said...

Cyndi, we're sharing the earth. You get the moon and all the other planets in this universe.

Cyndi L said...

Now wait just a minute. I don't think that's a good deal, but I can't quite figure out why. ???

Margie Deeb said...

Paul and Cyndi,

How about we all convert the universe to bead and wire obsessed beings? How hard could it be? Think of all the world problems that would be solves because folks would be expressing themselves creatively.

Cyndi L said...

Works for me, Margie...but I'm not sure if Paul is willing to share ;-)

Paul Bishop said...

I'll take that deal.

Margie, I do love your designs, and the patience it takes to make them.

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